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As a volunteer organization, nothing happens without our members’ generous contributions of time and energy. If you are interested in joining one of the Breakthrough Coalition committees please send the committee chair (co-chair(s)) an email with your name, organization and the fact you are interesting in joining the committee.


Provides organizational structure, fiscal responsibility, oversight, management, accountability, adherence to bylaws and governance to Breakthrough Coalition assures annual review of reports & quality assurance measures reviews endorsement of projects, products, and grant opportunities consists of standing committees listed below and convenes ad-hoc committees as needed members consist of Breakthrough Coalition officers, committee chairpersons, members at large & representatives from key senior organizations.

2021 Steering Committee Officers

President -          Sharon Balleau               
Vice President -  
Treasurer -          Anneliese Stoever
Secretary -          Lisa Knoll                
Past President -  Christina Fulton


Co-Chairs –  Lisa Knoll  


Mission Statement: Develop internal and external communication strategies, which maximize the dissemination of information between the membership, committees and outside community.


Meetings:  Information on upcoming meetings to be posted soon


Co-Chairs – Sharon Balleau: 314-960-0519 or
                      Judi Erlson

Mission statement: The Education committee supports professional development by offering educational opportunities and continuing education credit for service providers to, and those concerned with, the senior population.


Meetings: Committee Meetings are at 9:00am the 2nd Monday of January, March, May, July, September and November at Garden View Care Center at Dougherty Ferry.


Co-Chairs – Steve Stillman: 636-936-9600 or

                    Ted Gottlieb

Mission statement: The Networking committee offers continuous networking opportunities to the general membership. These opportunities allow for better coordination of services across the senior continuum of care.


Meetings: April and October , 10 am ,right after the General Breakthrough Meeting

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